Gallery & Testimonials


Joe Harmon

When it comes to bear and mountain lion hunting, I don’t think you’ll find a more hard working guide than Jacob Johnson, he’ll do his very very best to see that you harvest an animal.His dogs are amazing,  I took a real nice chocolate bear on my first bear hunt with Jacob in 2017.

Gary Fender

I have had the pleasure to get to know and be guided by Jacob Johnson on numerous hunts in New Mexico over the recent years.  His services are professional and highly dedicated to get the job done. Jacob sets up clean and well-prepared camps with all the necessities. He knows the area and layout of the land very well and spends time scouting before the hunt, enabling us to find big game options. His dogs are trained and capable of trailing bear and mountain lions anywhere in any weather condition. It is truly a neat experience to watch them work together with Jacob! I highly recommend his services for all of your big game hunting needs!

Jeff DeArmond.

I have hunted with Jacob several times, he is one of the best. We always have a great time and his dogs are awesome, I was able to harvest my first kitty with him.  Highly Recommended.  A++++++