Meet Your Guide

Jacob Johnson

My name is Jacob Johnson and I feel like I was born 100 years too late and I should have been hunting alongside Ben Lilly, the Evens brothers, and so many other old time hunters, I would have loved to have been in the Madison Parish with Roosevelt in 1907 on the famous bear hunt that we read about in so many books. But as fate would have it I grew up in East Tennessee on a farm and started hunting at a young age.  I hunted deer from the time I could shoot a gun.  At a young age I had a football coach introduce met to rabbit hunting with beagles. It was not soon after, I had my own pack of beagles. 

Later on, he also introduced me to squirrel hunting and coon hunting with dogs, so I added a squirrel dog and a coon dog to my pack.  I spent the majority of my free time taking out my dogs and enjoying hunting. Some of my earliest childhood memories are following a pack of beagles chasing rabbits all over the south. 

Later on, my dad and I came to New Mexico to hunt elk. After a few years of coming to New Mexico hunting, I decided to move across the United States and make it my home.  After I settled in New Mexico it was not long before I wanted another pack of dogs, I contacted a man from the same part of Tennessee as I was from, who also moved out west at a young age, and has hunted all over the United states, who is Van Johnson. Some may say he is one of the best houndsmen to ever follow a pack of dogs; I would have to agree! 

Van mentored and helped me establish a good pack of dogs and helped me get started hunting big game with hounds. I am honored to be able to say I have hunted alongside of him. After I began to grow my pack of dogs, learning more from them, than they did from me I think. In 2017, I volunteered on a neonate study for the USDA/APHIS program in Rifle, Colorado. We were tasked with catching bears to see what the depredation was on newborn fawns. I also did some other volunteer work on other depredation work in other parts of Colorado.

I have hunted and guided with many great houndsmen that I have to give a lot of credit for helping Double J Outfitters get started. Every time I go into the woods I learn something different about the species I am in pursuit of and my dogs and I hope that passion lasts me a lifetime.  

We look forward to taking you on your dream hunt!